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The Gear Library initiative aims to enhance outdoor experiences for families by offering high-quality camping gear at low or no cost. Serving as more than just a lending service, it also conducts Camping 101 workshops, providing essential skills to community members. Additionally, the program organizes two immersive camping trips each year, fostering a sense of community and adventure. To further support families, a comprehensive resource hub has been established, connecting them to outdoor opportunities, discounted programming, and valuable information, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of nature.

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It is our heartfelt aspiration that numerous families will come to perceive resonances of their own narratives mirrored within the rich tapestry of these landscapes. Abundant research substantiates the myriad emotional, spiritual, and physical advantages intrinsic to outdoor recreation. We ardently believe that by immersing themselves in the historical tapestry of these natural settings, families can unlock a profound connection with the therapeutic and transformative dimensions of outdoor experiences.


Our mission is to make nature accessible for all individuals & families, especially those of color, by lending high-quality camping & outdoor gear, sharing educational resources, and planning camping & other day trips.

Nature is a necessity for everyone’s health and wellbeing, yet 74% of majority nonwhite communities live in nature-deprived areas compared to 23% of majority white communities.


Center for American Progress, The Nature Gap

How It Works

How it Works



Eco-Friendly Design

We would not be who we are without our eco-friendly design, which is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to design and production. Get in touch to learn more.


24/7 Support

Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do.


Multilingual Functionality


Advanced Tech

In today's globalized world, chances are you are interacting with people from more than just one country. This is where our multilingual functionality comes into play. Take advantage of this unique capability to expand your reach.

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities. Our expert team of professionals is passionate about developing the most advanced tech on the market. Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.

Gear Kits

Gear Kits

Romatic Getaway
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Introducing the Romantic Retreat Package, a thoughtfully curated collection of camping essentials to enhance your intimate getaway amidst nature. Nestle into our Wildseed Gear, an inclusion that sets the tone for a romantic escape, providing comfort and warmth for you and your partner. Picture yourselves cozied up in our two enchanting camping chairs, positioned perfectly for stargazing and sharing quiet moments together.

The Explorer

Embarking on a camping expedition, whether alone or with a friend, reveals a personal connection with nature. They leave the hustle of daily life behind, carrying their backpacks and setting out into the wilderness. The scent of pine, the rustle of leaves, and the gentle babble of a nearby stream envelop them. The campfire they build becomes the heart of their journey, a source of warmth and sustenance, and a place for contemplation under a star-studded sky. 

All Gear Kits are FREE with Membership

Family Vacation

Introducing the Family Adventure Package, a carefully assembled set of camping essentials tailored to enhance your outdoor escapades with loved ones. Dive into the heartwarming embrace of our Wildseed Gear, a delightful addition designed to cater to the diverse needs of every family member, ensuring a cozy and enjoyable camping experience. Envision your family gathering around our spacious camping table, the perfect hub for shared meals, laughter, and the creation of cherished memories.

Outdoor Explorer's Essentials Kit

Ultimate Family Adventure Guide, a meticulously crafted package brimming with exciting activities and adventurous suggestions designed to elevate your outdoor experience. Immerse your family in a world of exploration with our carefully curated list of activities, providing endless opportunities for shared thrills and memorable moments.

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Executive Director

Lisa Bleich    

Gear Librarian



Board President

Pickett Slater Harrington

Founder and Managing Principal

Joltage Innovation


Peter Bleich          

Project Open Space    

Bon Secours Community Works


Areca Sampson

Communications Director


Rachel Wallach

Editor, JHU Alumni Magazine  

Johns Hopkins University


Michael Scott

Founder & Managing Principal    

Equity Matters


Nicole DiPietro

Operations Manager                    

Really Raw Honey


Jamyla Bennu

Founder  & Creator

Oyin Handmade

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